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Hi! I'm Emily, and, well, you probably already know this, but Reader Rising is run by yours truly!

I started this blog on January 3, 2012, and I am so grateful that I took that leap into the unknown (aka the internet) and pursued my obsession. I've always been an avid reader and I've always had opinions. And in 2012 I realized all my traits made up the perfect recipe for a book blogger!

And the recipe for a book blogger is simple; all you need is a generous scoop of passion for books and a subtle pinch of determination. That's it.

My other all-consuming passion (besides books and blogging) is ballet. I basically live at the studio - I'm there 6 days a week. I love performances and pointe work and dancing until my toes cry from the abuse. Ballet is essentially storytelling, just liked books, so my love of the art form isn't all that surprising.

But, let's go back to reading. This is a book blog after all. I love so many genres. Fantasy has always been my favorite escape but contemporary has it's own poignant power that I can't ignore. I mostly read YA but I foray often into adult.

And I even read middle grade! (And here's my soapbox moment: There are so many amazing middle grade books out there with just as much emotional impact as hoity toity adult door-stoppers!)

Anyway, thanks for stopping by! I hope to see you around the blogosphere.

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