Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Review: Guardian of the Realm

Guardian of the Realm by Krystal George

The Darkness
Taken when she was just seven years old, Esmeralda has very little memory of her life before the Realm. Power has always been her constant companion, protection has been her only goal, and acceptance by the magic she guards has always been her only wish. That is until the darkness comes... and with it comes the one person who can give her the greatest power of all... love.

The Light
Losing his mother at a young age, Eric has always been the responsible one; the strong one. He'd had to be. His sister Kaitlyn had needed him. Now with Kaitlyn missing he is thrown into a world of secrets and deception. A world that until this moment he knew nothing about... a world that he is more a part of than he could have ever known. With darkness descending and time running out, can he become the man he is destined to be? Or will he fail and lose the girl he has come to love?

The Realm
Beyond the doorway is a World of Enchantment and Myth. A world that once entered will grant you any wish your heart may desire... but only if you can get beyond... the Guardian.
This novel was a perfect little escape. From beginning to finish I was sucked into the world of guardians, faeries, pixies, and other mythical creatures. I am so glad I got the chance to read this, and I hope more people pick up The Guardian of the Realm.

This book stands out, from start to finish. The writing and descriptions I thought were especially unique! The whole dark world was very vivid and blew my mind from the the very first mention of faeries. I would definitely reccomend this to readers looking for an absorbing read.

The whole concept of light and dark intrigued me. And the author kept the audience constantly focused on the war against one another, in characters, places, battles, and thoughts. My only complaint is that once in a while the characters would get a flat feeling for a page or two. Esmeralda was always great and unique (I really enjoyed her perspective), just Eric sometimes felt like a background character in the beginning. By the end he was great though!

The other characters such as Kaitlyn and Agatha were very intriguing. Just the things they said drew me in. Also, I enjoyed reading about Fidelious, a magic stallion and Essie's friend! The authors interpretation of how magical creatures think and act made the book so different from others. This book was just so different and interesting, that if it had any real faults they were overlooked because of my heightened interest.

While this was no way a long book, I still think the length is perfect and adds to the uniqueness of the faerie tale. Also, I never was bored! The book was action packed with the bonus of interesting dialogue. I also loved how the author brought up emotion so much. And what the faeries think of them.

The conclusion was done masterfully and left me satisfied, smiling, and heart pounding still after what had happened a couple chapter before. Overall, Guardian of the Realm is a great and kind of different read.

4/5 bookcases

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  1. I adore fantasies and this one sounds like that fantasy read you pick up when you want something quick but engaging. Thanks, Emily! :D

    1. Yep :) it is the perfect quick and intriguing read!

  2. Sounds absolutely fantastic! Thats one I will probably have to read!

    1. I hope you do :) It is definitely interesting!