Monday, February 10, 2014

Topics Taking Flight: I (finally) have a Twitter

Today's Topic: Twitter

Once upon a time there was this very popular thing called Twitter. All the book bloggers loved it. Sadly, Emily did not have an account. Then, around a week ago, she created an account. Emily is starting to get the hang of tweeting. The End.

Now, onto the exciting stuff! Here is my Twitter Username: @Reader_Rising
If you want to, say hello to me on Twitter! I'm so excited that I finally have an account!

Since this is a Topics Taking Flight post, I thought I would ask for some quick tips and info on Twitter in the comments. Normally, I am the one giving info on a topic for these posts... so this will be different!

So, do you have any tips and tricks for Twitter?


  1. Have fun! I know it's such a stupid thing to say but it's true! Follow who you want and reply to who you want and just have a blast. :D

  2. Welcome to twitter. It's an unfortunate addiction. :)

    1. I can see how I could easily get addicted to twitter... lol

  3. Twitter is the best. I guess my advice, both to you and to me (because I need to work on this too) is that Twitter is like an open conversation so don't be afraid to get involved. In RL, it's weird to interrupt a conversation, but in Twitter, anything that isn't a DM is fair, imo.


  4. Yay I'm not the last one to the party!! To be honest I'm still floundering around trying to figure Twitter out, but what P.E. Mari said is right. I felt super weird at first, but that's how it works! ...I still feel super weird haha so I have to remind myself every couple weeks to actually look at my twitter account