Thursday, January 17, 2013

Blog Award!

I want to thank Deidra @ Simply Books for nominating me for this award!

The Rules
1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog and link back to the blogger who presented this award to you.
2. Answer the 11 questions from the nominator, list 11 random facts about yourself and create 11 questions for your nominees.
3. Present the Liebster Blog Award to 11 blogs of 200 followers or less who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been chosen. (No tag backs)
4. Copy and paste the blog award on your blog.

The Questions

1.  If you could choose to live in one book, what book would it be?

Er, either the Harry Potter books. C'mon, what school is awesomer ( I know that isn't a real word) than Hogwarts? Or the Song Of The Lioness series. Medieval castles, knights, sorcery, charming thieves, and talking cats! Wow, that would be living the life!

2.  You are on a deserted island, and you can choose ONE book.  What book do you take?

Well, first of all, if I only had one book to read, it better be worth it. After I finished it I'd probably die from boredom. My last book needs to make an impression! So, Hmm, I would probably choose Anna and the French Kiss. That way I could dream of Paris while I starved to death in the middle of the ocean.

3.  Why did you decide to start a book blog?

Well, I love books A LOT. Maybe too much. I am running out of room for them. I am trying to read 250 this year. So, I figured that there are people like me, who live to read, and I figured that they would be out there in the blogging community. So, in conclusion, I wanted to share my love of books with people who love them like me. 

4.  Moment of truth:  Do you judge a book by its cover?

Er, unfortunately, I am known to do that. It is what stopped mr from reading sooo many good books! Like yesterday I just finished Obsidian by Jennifer L Armentrout. It took me so long to pick it up because of the creepy, swoony cover! And, guess what, I loved it! I finished it in, like, a day!

5.  Your favorite book is about to be made into a movie.  How do you feel about that?  

I hope to god they don't ruin it.  If it is good though, it makes me love the book even more!

6.  Where is your favorite place to buy books?

Amazon, without a doubt.

7.  Who are your favorite book boyfriends?

Archer Cross ( all time favorite!)
Daemon Black ( recently discovered)
Jared Howe
Edward Cullen
Galen, prince of the Serena
James Easton

8.  Which character would you love to slap and why? *We all have those moments*

Er, well right now all i can think of is henry from Catching Jordan. Of course, by the end I had forgiven him, but when he rejected and then ignored Jordan after admitting he loved her? Well, that just pissed me off! Grrr

9.  What was your favorite book that you had to read for school?

This is a while ago, but i still laugh every time I read No More Dead Dogs by Gordon Korman, which I had to read in 4th grade!

10.  What is your favorite thing about blogging?

Reviewing amazing books nd the joy of seeing people's comments on my blog!

11.  Which author are you dying to meet?

Probably Veronica Roth! Her book Divergent blew me away! Or Ally Carter. Boy, her books make me laugh!

11 Random Facts

1.  I do ballet as well as blogging!
2. I love making cookies with my best friend using her special recipe! *Yumm*
3. I love fighting over my stuffed tiger, Ren, with my best friend :) We hide and steal our stuffed animals from each other!
4. I am addicted to Downton Abbey!
5. I have absolutely zero sense of direction! I do know right from left however...
6. I love warm blankets and books and hot chocolate. Heaven.
7. Brownies are delicious.
8. I love sprinting, but can't stand to run for more than 3 minutes when I start feeling bored and ponder why I am running when I could be reading under that tree over there...
9. I am running out of random facts
10. Ummm... I love swimming
11. I worry too much

My Nominees!

I know i am supposed to do eleven! But I had a hard enough time checking my favorite blogs to see how many followers each has and finding these awesome blogs above! I am sorry :(

My Questions

1. What are your 2 most cherished series of all time?
2. What is your favorite thing about your blog?
3. What are your top 5 books you are looking forward this year?
4. What is your least favorite book?
5. What is your favorite book made into a movie?
6. What is your favorite movie based on a book?
7. Who is your favorite kick butt kind of girl character? What book is she from?
8. Who is the character that makes you laugh the loudest?
9. What is your favorite book cover?
10. Do you spend too much money on books?
11. Do you have a special person you can share your books with?


  1. Ooo Archer *swoons*. I love me some Archer. And don't worry bout the nominees. It took me a long while to find some that qualified. You are new. If you ever have any questions about anything, you can email me. HTML, or memes, or tips. Anything. My email address is

    Deidra @ Simply Books.

  2. Also, I love that you do ballet. I am on a major ballet kick in my reading.

  3. thanks! I am glad you agree with me on Ballet... And Archer!