Reviews- How I give them
My reviews are completely honest. Though I don't enjoy giving negative reviews, I can promise there will be many of them. The whole reason I blog is to recommend good books. My readers probably read my reviews for the same reason. And I want to remain true to them and myself. So, honesty is the best policy on my blog.

My rating system is based out of five stars:

1/5- I did not enjoy this book. There were a myriad of issues and the book may or may not have been thrown into the trash after reading.  

2/5- This book was okay. It had issues but it didn't get thrown into the trash!

3/5 I liked this book. I may reread it. I enjoyed it at times, but it was not extremely memorable in any outstanding way. I may or may not have had a few issues.

4/5 I really liked this book!

5/5 This is an absolutely 100% amazing book!!! Buy it right now!

Review Requests 
Do you have a book you would like me to review? Please email me a review request! 

I prefer physical copies, but I know and understand that sometimes that it just isn't an option! So don't be afraid to email me about your ebook, or digital copy.

I only accept young adult (which I primarily review), adult fiction, middle grade, and new adult. Please, no non-fiction!

My review will normally be up within three months. If you want it to be put up earlier or later, I am yours to command.

I will post my review on my blog and Goodreads (and other sites that you specify).

I am always ecstatic to do blog tours, interviews, and such! Just contact me. Thank you for reading my policies! 

You can email me at EmAnne3000(at)gmail(dot)com 

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