Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 6: Book Buying Habits

Okay, I am a little late to the party here! However, these challenges looked really fun and I decided to participate. The questions are just so awesome! If anyone else wants to, they can participate at Good Books and Wine. Don't forget to check out the intro-ish post too!

Book buying habits

The first thing anyone should know about me is that I always think over my purchases over. (this annoys a lot of peopel who know me. "Just buy them!") Maybe a little bit too hard. I normally shop for books every two or three months, and, when I do, I either shop on Amazon or at Powells.

Whenever I shop on Amazon, I look at the money I had saved first. Then, I calculate about how many books I can buy with the amount of dollars. Then, my handy dandy To-Read list on Goodreads comes and helps me create a LONG list of books I would like, then an ally (friend, family etc.) comes and helps me narrow down the list by looking at the reviews, genre, author and other factors. Finally, I may have a digital cart full of books. And I am always especially happy when a book is on sale because then I get one more book than I calculated!

Another place I often shop is Powells, the BIGGEST bookstore ever known. First, I always sell my used books. And get loads of in-store credit. And, of course, I bring my own wallet to help out. Then, I zoom to the YA section and start a "A" and end in "Z" where I go CRAZY and grab every book in sight that sounds good. By the end, I have to DRAG the basket instead of carrying it. Then, I sit down with an alley, and read all the synopsis and make assumptions about it, as in Powells we don't have access to Goodreads. Then, I make my decision and buy what my little money allows. I always put the ones I didn't buy back in the right place, too.

Another habit? I am drawn to those new hardcovers in the store. I can never buy then though because I feel guilty about paying that 17.99 at the store when I could have been smart and pre-ordered on Amazon for around 11.99. I always pick them up, and then as I am nearing the counter the guilt hots me and I run and put it back. 

Also, I love
  1. Pre-Orders
  2. On Sale Books
I wish I was more of an impulse buyer. That would be awesome and save me hours of my time! The only times I impulse buy is for e-books, and I rarely shop e-books unless I have a giftcard! Last week, I impulsively bought a lot of e-books with one! I found I really like the nook app.

Wow, that felt good to get off my chest. I know my book buying habits/schedules are strange. What do you think? Also, I never get my books signed... I need to start on that! (Do you have to pay for it?)

So, what are your Book Buying Habits?
-Emily :)


  1. I am an impulse book buyer and it seriously disrupts my checkbook at times so don't feel ashamed about having to think through your purchases. Great answer!

  2. I am a "hey what new books have you got that I can read" to friends book buyer. Occasionally I see a book I am dying to get and buy it though.

    1. Awesome :) Especially the fact that you probably save a lot of money. My problem is just that I am overdramatic, and have tons of books I "am dying" to read. Really, I bet I am dying for less books than I think I am.