Sunday, September 15, 2013

Review and Giveaway(s): Atone

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Publication Date: June 30th, 2013
Genre: Fairytales, Fantasy, Young Adult
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Becca Ward knows that magic is real...

Two years ago not only had she and her best friend Alex found a real-life Sleeping Beauty in the middle of Los Angeles, they also discovered that they were powerful in their own right. They’ve managed to keep both their fae powers and their friend Lilia’s identity as a medieval princess a secret and live a normal life. Now their normalcy is threatened by the return of their former advisor at the Gem and Mineral Museum—and Becca’s least favorite person, Nicholas Hunt.

...and she’s about to find out that more than one fairy tale is true.

Nicholas has been obsessed with proving Lilia’s identity and the existence of magic. While working on an archeology dig he discovered an ancient fae artifact—a mirror that is imbued with a powerful protection spell that twists his obsession, and his body, until he is more beast than man. In order to protect her friends, Becca is forced to help him, and she is surprised to find that in spite of his outward appearance, Nicholas is no longer the beast she remembers. Will she let herself be the beauty that breaks the curse, or will she let her prejudice against him stop her from discovering true love? 

I really enjoyed Atone! The novel is an amazing fairytale and I will most definitely check out more books from Jessica Grey. Here is an author to look out for! Her fairytale books are absolute gems.

This book is the perfect length. I read Atone in two quick sittings and was satisfied with all the great development, and how there were no drawn out scenes. I'll be picking this book up agin for a second reading when I am in the mood for an action-y, humorous, romantic, fast paced book. However, this is in no way a thick book, so make sure you remember it is a quick read!

One of my favorite thing about Atone was the magic aspect. I loved, loved, loved all the fae, magic creatures, spells, mirrors, portals and the rest of the imaginative traits. Also, the author is clear and precise with these details so I was never left confused or just not believing the logistics of the magical world, as I often to do with ill thought out fantasies. Who doesn't love a well done, fun fantasy?

My absolute favorite parts about Atone, however, were the characters. I  loved the trio of Becca, Alex, and Lilia. They have memorable, fun banter and their friendship is highly believable, sweet, and humorous. Becca, a part of the trio and our main character, was a very likable heroine. Never did I think of her as whiny, cliche, or unoriginal. She also has some pretty good lines. I guarantee you will smile at the dialuge. Also, when mentioning great characters I have to mention Nicholas. He was such a great character with definite development. I loved seeing him grow kind and thoughtful!

Overall, Atone is a more than worth your time. Fairy tale lovers should pick up this novel. Also, prepare for a few laughs, a great plot, awesome magic, a fun trio, and a killer romance! And that ending was pretty much perfect. I am always hard on endings, yet Atone's was sweet but not boring, cliff-hanger-y or with a lot of loose threads.

4/5 Stars

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  1. My favourite faurytale actually is Beauty and the Beast, so I think I'll really enjoy this one!

    1. Awesome! Beauty and the Beast is such a wonderful fairytale :)

  2. It sounds really great, I love the blurb! I'm glad you liked it :)
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  3. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite fairy tales so I'm really curious about this series. I'm also big on character driven story with a good character atmosphere - banter, good dynamic etc, so I think this is right up my alley! Great review!

    1. Exactly! Character driven stories are awesome with all the right banter and atmosphere. Thanks for stopping by and for hosting the tour :)

  4. Emily,

    Thank you for the lovely review. I am so glad you enjoyed Atone.

    1. Your Welcome! Thank you for stopping by :) I loved Atone!