Monday, November 11, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday #26

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Top Ten Six Covers I Wish I Could Redesign

1. Obsidian
Where do I start? Well, Daemon looks creepy and he is about to be strangled by Katy. I am seriously creeped out by this cover. I would redesign the cover with different poses for the less creepy cover models... but I'd keep the cool font.

2. Bloodlines
Sydney needs to take off some makeup and I would definitely redesign the lily tattoo. I wish Adrian was smirking or smiling... as he just looks plain bored.

3. The Dark Divine
OW! My feet! Also, what is wrong her skin?

4. Heartbeat
I actually like this cover, I just don't think it is a fitting match for the story! The book is so much more than a cutesy romance.

5. Nevermore 
I see this cover and automatically grimace. He must have lost his cheeks.

6. Insomnia
*Runs off screaming* I am scared of this cover. Seriously, I won't be surprised if this face appears in my nightmares. (Just kidding!)

What's on your list? :)

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  1. Nice picks! Seeing a bit of Obsidian. I don't really have an issue with that one. No love or hate, just meh.

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    Old Follower :)

  2. The cover model on Nevermore really does ruin it for me. So not the type of guy I normally find myself drooling over - so why would I want to read about him?

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  3. I agree with the Bloodline cover--actually the whole series and Vampire Academy, too. I think they all have some of the cheesiest covers on the market!

  4. I agree with all, but especially the Bloodlines cover - it is just all round AWFUL! My TTT.

  5. I hate these two models on Obsidian, they're like everywhere! Really, they're featured on so many books there's a list of them on Goodreads :) I also don't like Bloodlines and Nevermore covers.

  6. I like the original cover of Obsidian more than the new one!

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    Doris @ OABR

  7. lol at dark divine. These covers annoy me. I hate feet, I don't care how much air brush you put on them.