Saturday, October 28, 2017

Blog Update: Fixed and Improved Reader Rising

Hi! I'm back. I'm not sure if y'all noticed but my blog has been dead and broken for the last few months. After I got back from a three week long intensive, I came back to a wonderful surprise: a blog covered in a gray image.

My background was this ugly photo. So was my blog button, my post signature, all my social media buttons, and all my post dividers. 

I was so shocked! Basically, photobucket decided to hold all my photos for ransom and tried to get me to pay for a subscription (which I didn't want to do.) 

So, I totally failed at fixing it on my own. It was so frustrating and I was fully prepared to have to have the blog totally redesigned.  Thankfully, I got some amazing help yesterday and my blog is up and running again!!!  I CANNOT wait to start posting about all the amazing books I've been reading.