Sunday, February 18, 2018

Favorite Books I Read in 2017: Part Two

So I've finally finished this list of amazing books:

8. The Bean Trees
I read this book in class and loved it. Not only is it beautiful written, it is also incredibly relevant to issues we are having today. The characters were all very memorable; Turtle, Esperanza, and Estevan have all stuck with me.

9. Bad Romance
This was a powerful book about a very important subject: abusive relationships. It was heartbreaking but I couldn't look away. Demetrius is such an amazing author... I've loved all her contemporary works.

10. The Song of Achilles
This book deserves all the awards. The Song of Achilles wraps Greek mythology, beautiful romance, and the tragedy of the trojan war all into one book. I loved reading about Patroclus and Achilles' romance.

11. Roses and Rot
This is a book for artists. It's a love letter to novelists, painters, poets, and dancers. And it has magic and fae mixed in to make it extra exciting. I fell in love with this beautifully written story.

12. This Adventure Ends
Emma Mills is quickly becoming one of my favorite YA contemporary authors. I always have so much fun; This Adventure Ends was no exception. It's full of awesome, quirky friendships and adventure.

13. This Savage Song
This is my first Victoria Schwaub or VE Schwaub that I've rated 5 stars. This Savage Song was so beautiful, dark, and compelling. Expect violins and monsters. And it's definitely savage.

14. Three Dark Crowns
Okay. This was such a unique fantasy. I loved the matriarchy aspect, the sister rivalry, and the twist at the end. Like This Savage Song, Three Dark Crowns was a very dark fantasy. I can't wait to read the second book.

So, there we have it! I hope 2018 brings even more favorites.