Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Biggest Disappointments of 2016

Hi all! Sorry I have been missing for so long... but now finals week and audition season is over. So hopefully I will be able to blog more.

Here (a bit late) I bring you the 2016 books I WANTED to love but couldn't:

1. Wink Poppy Midnight (2.5 stars)
This book was so close to being amazing. It had a stunning cover, beautiful writing, and an intriguing premise. That said, the story was not executed well at all. I didn't care for the characters, the ending was lack luster, and I spent a lot of time bored and confused. The only reason I finished was that Tucholke's writing style is pure artistry, even if her actual story was meh.

2. The Serpent King (2 stars)
I am the total black sheep on this one. I could NOT connect to the characters for the life of me and I thought that events that should have been emotional were not well done. Also, I felt like one death was too much to further other character's arcs, and I want deaths in books not just to be a plot device for others... but an examination of death in it's own right. (Does that make any sense?)  I really tried to love this but I was left wanting in many departments.

3. The Crown (2 stars)
Okay, I accept Kiera Cass books for what they are: fluff, pretty dresses, romance, cute banter, and all that jazz. I never expect masterpieces. The Crown, however, was an all-time low for Cass. I was bored. I felt like Eadlyn had no personality. The romance was lack luster. They all could have died and I wouldn't have cared. My advice: stick with the original Selection Trilogy.

4. The Glittering Court (2.5 stars)
Richelle Mead, why? You are a brilliant author, yet your newest release was very "meh". Adelaide pales in comparison to Rose and Sydney. I don't even remember Cedric (I had to look up his name on Goodreads). The whole last half of the novel felt out of place. There aren't any fantasy elements; it's just a lot of dresses, girls trying to get husbands, blah blah blah.

5. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (4 stars- rated as a fan fiction)
Ahh, I saved both the smallest and biggest disappointment for last. So let me yell: This is very good fan-fiction, and I bet the live production is amazing. BUT THIS IS NOT CANON. Rowling did not write this. The characters are all wrong. The time-turner plot is ridiculous and there are lots of weird parts and uncomfortable revelations (i.e Bellatrix and...). The best thing about Cursed Child is PRECIOUS SCORPIUS. I swear the rest is just fan-fiction.

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