Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Review: Restore Me

Restore Me by Teherah Mafi
Shatter Me #4
435 pages
Publication Date: March 2018

Juliette Ferrars thought she'd won. She took over Sector 45, was named the new Supreme Commander, and now has Warner by her side. But she's still the girl with the ability to kill with a single touch—and now she's got the whole world in the palm of her hand. When tragedy hits, who will she become? Will she be able to control the power she wields and use it for good?

Shatter Me is one of my all time favorite trilogies. It's fast paced, beautifully written, and has some of the best character development I've ever seen. It's fun and compulsively re-readable. The original trilogy is almost like comfort food to me. 

That said, I was very nervous when Mafi announced she would be adding three more books onto the original series. I was excited, yes, but wary. 

I am happy to say that Restore Me was the perfect fourth book. It seamlessly picks up just after Ignite Me left off. Juliette is struggling as supreme commander, which is realistic and honestly what should be expected. We see that there has been no happily-ever-after, and I love it. Mafi's world is scary and fixing the whole world isn't (and shouldn't be) easy. 

I also loved seeing old favorites (like my beloved Kenji) and meeting new awesome characters (like Nazeera). And of course Warner was wonderful as always. Although he and Juliette definitely have stuff to work through. 

And, boy, were there plot twists galore! I cannot wait for book 5 after that ending. Please give it to me now! 

Mafi is such an expressive, beautiful writer. And this continuation does the original trilogy proud. I am so relieved! 

4.5/5 Stars

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