Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday

This is a weekly meme hosted at the Broke and the Bookish! Enjoy!
Today's list: Top ten settings I would like to see more of!

1. Magical Camps, after Percy Jackson and Shadowfalls... I am hooked!

2. Castles... intrigue, magic, rumors, dances, scandal...Ooooo!

3. Magic Schools... kinda overused... but I still love them if they are in a good story! *cough*hogwarts and hecate hall and mythos academy*cough*

4. The Past, okay, kinda vague I know... How about London in the past?

5. Cruises... perfect story setting! Actually... any kind of transportation method... road trips, hot air balloons, space crafts, trains... they are all perfect for adventure and romance!

6. The beach! Ahh, sit down on your towel surrounded by white sand, blue waves. Relax and enjoy your beach read!

7. Hotels, there is just something interesting about them!

Any input, want to share your own top ten? Or seven, in my case ;) Just comment below! What did you think of my choices?


  1. Hotels:) yes.. not on my list but would love that setting too..
    and I do have Hogwarts specifically on my list.

  2. Yeah, Hogwart is amazing! A classic setting!