Saturday, April 13, 2013

Newbie Blogger Diaries #1

Here is the launch of the Newbie Blogger Diaries! *squee* Counting in Bookcases has been officially up for three months.  I still can't believe it. And there is still loads to learn! (Loads, and loads, and loads) I have barely even had a taste of the book blogging wold!

Which is why I created this feature! Newbie bloggers, like myself, can learn with me. And experienced bloggers can laugh at all my mistakes!

This will just be a catch up post. (I will have several of these to do).

3 things I have learned

1. It takes a lot of time to get a good review out of your head and into a post. My first attempts are not exemplary. (See my first review here.) I *think* I am better now. (See latest review post here) In a later post I will go over each of these reviews more thoroughly. Which means I'll say how, um, jumbled my first attempts. and what I did to start making better put together reviews.

2.  Well, for the first month I was obsesseed with getting GFC followers and learning from other blogger's posts, and then (BAM) I learned google reader was going down. Just picture me freaking out at the computer. Then I found Bloglovin *phew*. I think it is almost better than google reader. The layout is super cool. And you can import all your google reader subscriptions. (Take that, google!)

3. Making you blog pretty and navigatable (Not a word, I know) is PRETTY DARN HARD! I will absolutely make a post on all the tweaks I had to do. (When I said I wanted to blog, no one mentioned HTML, by the way!) And I had to learn all the blogger terms.

Sorry this post is all over the place. (Kinda like my first book reviews). All the other posts will just keep to one subject (hopefully) after this!

And once I am all caught up, I'll just make one post a week about the past seven day's misadventures!

Follow on Bloglovin The bloglovin thing I was talking about (to the left)

How were your first reviews? How did you deal with blog layout or GFC going down?


  1. I just started in February so I am right there with you :-) I feel like my reviews were really jumbled at first too but each week got better and more organized. Ultimately, reviews are all about what you thought and feel so I try not to put too much pressure on myself :-) I freaked out about the GFC thing too and also added Bloglovin, I really like it.

  2. Hi, Emily! I'm a super new blogger, just started a few days ago, and I'm already have a lot of fun. :) I've only got one review posted, but I have a few waiting to go up. I certainly feel like my review was jumbled, and that I really need to come up with a flow and structure for them.

    I've never had GFC, I started with Bloglovin. It's so useful, I love it!

  3. Hi Emily! I have to firmly agree with you on ALL of your points you listed. I started my blog approx. a month ago and I really put in a lot of time and effort to make images and make it look kewl. I am no graphic designer, and am basically clueless in terms of writing scripts and HTML forms, so in the end, I couldn't meet perfection. Maybe these are the downsides of being a perfectionist. I still love GFC though. I wish you luck and happy blogging!

    Kelsey @