Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Review: Into the Dark

Goodreads DescriptionWhen seventeen-year-old Oxford student Emily Baxter steps forward to become part of the search and rescue team for her kidnapped family member, she sees it as her last chance to put things right. 

Despite her seizures and being ripped between parallel universes, Emily is determined to get back to living a normal life. 

But first Emily has to join forces with the mysterious Gifted & Talented set and the darkly beautiful Henry Seadon. And survive. Killing the Misery-Makers who get in their way is a necessary evil.

Hmm, these books were enjoyable. I loved the scenes. In other worlds. however, I did not like any of the other scenes with just Emily doing her own thing. At least not for the first two books. the last two were better.

I loved the way the books were written, likewise, I read them quickly. However, things felt rushed in the second book. And the plot felt second to the Emily's love life.

The characters were nice, they weren't spectacular or anything, but I felt each was realistic
enough. Emily was pretty good, except on the second book. (Apparently I have problems with the second book!) She was way to swoony for this guy. Although he was pretty swoonable.

The setting was vivid and clear. Although I would have liked to know less about the college and people and more otherworldly stuff in the first book.

The highlights of the book are spent in Emily's blackouts. Here I feel the writing is fantastic. Real and heart pounding. Quite enjoyable.

Overall, I would recommend this series to people looking for well written books with cool characters! However, they shouldn't be looking for a real actiony novel or super strong heroine.

3/5 bookcases

P.S Misery Makers were awesome!


  1. Oh cool, is this like a serial set or something? I've never heard of it. It sounds interesting though!

  2. This series does sound extremely interesting, so it is disappointing that you didn't enjoy it. It is understandable if it does have a weaker heroine and not too actiony. Hopefully your next reads are much better!

    Angie @ YA Novelties