Monday, April 29, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday #6

Top Ten Words/Topics That Instantly Make Me Buy/Pick Up A Book  

  1. First, I am always almost guaranteed to pick a book up if it has a blurb from one of my favorites authors on the cover.
  2. The word "Queen", "Princess", or "Kingdom" in the title.
  3. I will definitely pick it up if it mentions a kick-ass heroine.
  4. Dystopian and High Fantasy.
  5. Contemporaries with the word "you" in it

  1. Aliens!
  2. "Stunning" on blurb or a review. Also, "Heart shattering", "Highly imaginative", "Un-put-downable", "Leaves you begging for more!"
  3. Assasins/knights/soldiers
  4. Werewolves and vampires!
  5. "That book made me look at things differently."

What are your top ten words/topics???

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  1. I'm totally with you on kickass heroines. I love reading about strong, awesome ladies who get it DONE and don't let anything kick them down! :D

  2. Kickass heroines are the best! Also loving the aliens. I like books that make me look at things differently too! Awesome list <3


  3. "Contemporaries with the word 'you' in it." -- Interesting. I never thought about it, but I'm drawn to these, too. I think it's because the titles reach out to us, saying this book is about YOU, so YOU should probably read it. Works every time, too!

  4. Definitely kick-ass heroines. I have that one, too. Also assassins and books that are described as stunning or un-put-downable. Great list!
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  5. Great list!! assassins were also on mine. I completely forgot about high fantasy. I love fantasy books!
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  6. aaaah cover always have me hooked as well but i have been decided a few time thinging a books was good just because of its cover
    great list check out mine
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  7. Kick-Ass heroines is a top one, also people who have died (so fun reading different versions of afterlife), angels, hybrids, girls who broke up with their boyfriends, or... I feel like I'm prattling on and on. Well if you are reading tbis, I did not force you and you can read it of your own free will. Oh and blurbs that say "witty writing", "funny", or "kept me up till 3 in the morning reading" are my indicators of I-must-read-or-I-will-die books.

    1. Great list! I should have added hybrids to mine... :)