Sunday, May 5, 2013

Reviews: Books by Jennifer L Armentrout

Okay, in the past two weeks I have read 4 of Jennifer L Armentrouts books, all continuations of series. Each earned at least a 4 bookcases rating, which is very high for me. But, I do love her writing. (Although the same can't be said for her covers.)

Her Covenant Series, features our world... only with greek gods who mortals don't know exist. The series consists, so far, of Half Blood, Pure, Deity, Apolyon, Sentinel, and several novellas. The main character in this series is totally one of my favorites.

The Lux Series is about... Aliens! This sounds lame, but, really it isn't. The series consists of Obsisian, Opal, Onyx, Origin, and more novellas. The main character in these books is also totally awesome and is a BOOK BLOGGER!!!
Both series are funny, action-y, and flat out pure awesomeness! Both kick-ass heroines are totally girls to root for, and the romances are to die for. The side characters are quirky and lots of fun. Plus, you are never bored. I felt as if I was glued to the pages of each book while reading. I was either laughing, smiling, crying, or just looking at the words with a big O of surprise on my face.

I also love how there is character growth as you continue the series. I get very mad at series that don't have enough character growth but these ones aced the tests. Katy becomes stronger, Alexandra makes things less about her, Adrian becomes more confident and rule breaking, and more!

Jennifer L Armenrout is an amazing author, I know she also writes adult fiction as J Lynn so fans of adult can enjoy her works too.  She is working on more novels in each of the two featured series, so I am super excited for those.


  1. I wasn't into her Lux series. I didn't like any of the characters there. They were all really irritating and I couldn't feel for them. But good for you if you liked them. :)

    Her Covenant books were much better, in my opinion. There were better characters and it was just a better read generally.

    - Christie @ The Shadower's Shelf

  2. I love the Lux series!!
    I need to read the Covenant series, because it sounds awesome. Loving the covers, too