Monday, July 29, 2013

I'm Back from Summer Camp!

Hello! If any of you saw... the notice below has been up for all of last week:

And now I am back!

So, well, the title says it all! I had a fantastic time at camp. I hiked, swam, creek-walked, and all sorts of other fun stuff! At camp, I got to meet a lot of awesome new people, and I got to bunk with my best friend. AND the weather was pretty nice during the day. How could it not be a blast?

However, after all the fun, I am now exhausted, bug bitten, and scratched. (I somehow managed to trip over a log, but that is a different story...) I cannot convey the relief I felt upon coming home and falling asleep in my own bed. Also, the shower and electric heater were pretty awesome.

Anyways, I am back now! I will start posting regular bookish posts tomorrow...

So, how has everyone been? Has anything interesting happened to you this week???