Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday #19

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish!

Topic: Favorite Secondary Characters

Harry Potter: Dobby, Luna, and Fred & George
J.K Rowling's secondary characters are amazing! They have backstory, and memorable personalities!  I am so convinced the characters are out there, real and living and breathing. Basically, add all the characters. Just all of them!

Shatter Me: Kenji, James
Okay, who could not love Kenji and James? I mean, seriously. They are both funny and caring. Plus, Kenji gives Juliet the tough love she needs. In my opinion, Kenji is a better man than Adam and Warner combined. And James is just... so darn cute!

The False Prince: Mott, Imogen
Mott grew on me, big time. He developed into a character that began to care for Sage. And Imogen was awesome! She is brave, smart, and admirable. I loved watching these two character interact with Sage. Also, I loved the dry humor.

The Hunger Games: Rue, Finnick
Spoilers: I think I am going to cry. Why? Why did they have to die? Rue was so sweet and brave and I hate, just hate the person who thought it would be fun to put a 12 year old in an arena to fight to the death. And, Finnick! Why?

Vampire Academy: Christian and Mia
Christian is a great character. He is loyal, and can sometimes get a smile out of me with his ongoing commentary. Mia, while she seems like a total mean girl in the beginning, grew on me. She is sweet inside.

Hex Hall: Elodie
Elodie intrigues me for many reasons. Although we all hate her in the beginning, we start feeling sympathetic in the end. She will leave an impact as you witness her change, even after death. As a forewarning, she still can be a little mean.

City of Bones: Isabel, Magnus (and... Jace?)
Okay, there is no debate here. Isabel is awesome. Also, how can anybody not love Magnus? By the way, the movie ruined him. And, okay, Jace is not a secondary character but  I have to mention him. I love Jace!

Of Poseidon: Rachel, Toraf, Rayna
The three characters I just listed always make me laugh. Ex-mafia Rachel is so sweet. Toraf will make you smile, guaranteed. And Rayna is endearing in her own bossy, wild spirited way.

Who are your beloved secondary characters?

I forgot Adrian! How... What...
So, anyway, I am adding him in now. 
I hope it is not too late! Forgive me? Thank to Christy's blog, Christy's Book Addiction for reminding me!


  1. Great picks! I love so many of these as well :)

  2. Great TT! Love all your choices from HP, TMI, hunger games and shatter me! And yes, Adrian you should definitely not forget;)

    TTT @ Eveline's Books

    1. Thanks :) I know! I hope Adrian forgives me lol

  3. Honestly I liked Christian much more than Adrian in VA. I guess I'm one of rare girls who prefer good boys over bad boys :D
    Nice list!

    1. Normally, I am a good-boy kind of person. :) However, with Adrian, he's different. While in VA I just wanted him to stop drinking and all that, in Bloodlines I began to see him differently. Is that weird?
      Thanks for stopping by!