Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bookish Updates!

Darkest Minds: 99 cents

I just finished my hardback copy of The Darkest Minds and I LOVED the story so much! Alexandra Bracken has written such a powerful story. I might have gotten a little, okay a lot. emotionally involved in the story. Thankfully, Never Fade is coming out on October 15th!

So, while I was looking up the release date I also noticed that The Darkest Minds is for sale for 99 cents for all e-readers!

I do not know how long this sale will last so go grab your copy while you can!

Also there is a novella, In Time, that is only $1.99.  I would recommend buying the novella with The Darkest Minds.

Viviana Ware's Perception

I just recently received an email from Viviana, the author of Perception, with some exciting news!

"I recently launched a blog and tumblr to help promote Perception and open the novel up to a wider audience. On both the blog and tumblr sites, I will be posting my novel for free in its entirety, releasing one chapter per week over the next few months. Each week, the chapters will be accompanied by behind the scenes info including photos of the characters, scenes, and fashion featured in the book. I will be posting the music that inspired and helped to mold Perception, as well. In addition, I’ve recently launched a line of beanies inspired by Perception and other pop culture references. I have included the links to all of the new content if you think your readers might be interested in checking them out!"

Here are the links:
Blogger: (This is the spot you want to go!)

Here is my review of Perception, I loved it and the novel the perfect Halloween read. Trust me when I say the novel is super creepy, depressing, and very dark. Trust me. I would recommend going and checking out the links, reading the novel for free, and getting awesome extra content!

Gemini Rising/Ethereal Fury: First Seven Chapters FREE on Wattpad

I don't know if any of you have a Wattpad account (I don't) however, if you do, this is the perfect chance to sample Gemini Rising. Also, quick question, do any of you use Wattpad? Do you like the site? I am not sure if I should sign up!

Here is my review of Gemini Rising: Ethereal Fury. This book is an amazing read and I strongly recommend you go check it out! And,  now, go get a taste of the series on Wattpad!

The original message from Jessica O'Gorek:
 "Hiya my lovely fans! I was just wondering if all of you have read my book. I wanted to let you know I have Chapters 1-7 posted free on Watt-pad and could use your reads! Did you know E.L. James was discovered in part because she has over 100,000 reads on Watt-pad? A publisher approached her for this simple fact! I know I already have a publisher, but the recognition couldn't hurt, right? 
 So... if you have a half an hour, take a look and if you like it, please recommend it!"

I hope you look into one of these books! Thanks for reading!

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