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Interview: Nicole Thomas

I am here today with an interview with the lovely Nicole Thomas. Her novel, Dreamer, is releasing soon and is part of a planned trilogy. I am reading the novel right now and am really enjoying the story!

Publication Date: October 28th, 2013
Genre: Young Adult
Pages: 160
Someone is using Anna’s dreams as a weapon, and so far, they’ve gotten away with murder. Anna isn’t quite sure why those closest to her die when she dreams, but it’s enough to turn this teenager off REM sleep and relationships for good. She has more than enough blood on her hands without boys crushing on her and getting buried six feet underground as a result.

As of right now, Anna’s plan to avoid relationships with anyone outside her family has gone off without a hitch. And if it weren’t for her classmate, Liam, she would’ve continued to do so. Liam’s successfully flown under her social radar, and if he wants to avoid having his obituary in the local newspaper, he'd keep it that way. But when he confides in Anna and tells her he has dreams as well, he becomes an exception to the rule.

Okay, so his dreams might not be as dangerous, but it turns out his mother's were. Liam's mom is missing. His mom just turned eighteen when she fell completely off the grid, and Anna could be next.

----Interview with Nicole Thomas----

1. Can you describe your new book, Dreamer, in 3 words?
Parasite induced nightmares?

2. What was your first tiny piece of inspiration for Dreamer?
This is going to sound so cliche, but the first bit of inspiration I had came from one of my own dreams. It's been years, but I remember it vaguely. In the dream, there was this severe lightning storm. The thunder was really loud. At one point, I woke up, only to hear another loud crack outside our apartment along with a vibrant flash of blue light.
I literally freaked out. I was still kind of out of it, so it felt like a dream, even though it wasn't. I woke up my husband all panicked and told him something was wrong.
Turns out, one of the transformers outside our window blew. The telephone pole was on fire, and while I knew then that the dreams was influenced by what was happening in real life, I started to wonder what it would be like if it had happened in reverse. What would it be like if life mirrored our dreams?

3. Where is your favorite location to write?

At home. In fact, I'm not sure if I've ever written anywhere else. I always read about other authors writing at coffee shops to avoid distractions, but for me, being in a public space is a distraction. I like the quiet and comforts of home. I'm a very disciplined individual, so if I say I'm going to do something tomorrow, nine times out of ten (unless I'm unwell) it happens.

4. I love the way the chapters alternate points  of view between Anna and Liam! What was you favorite part about writing from the view point of Anna? Now, Liam?
Originally, Dreamer was only written from Anna's point of view in third person. However, during my first round of edits, I realized we were missing half of the picture and that we needed to be closer to the action, which is why I changed it to first person instead.
I like Anna's POV because it builds up the tension of the first book and a fair part of the series. She's our reminder of what's happened and what might be on the horizon.
Liam is a very unique individual. He tries so hard not to stalk Anna and be a pest. However, as the story goes on, he not only revels he's a dreamer as well, but he starts falling for her. He gives Dreamer the lighter scenes. There are even some laughable points. He compliments Anna's darker scenes with ones that give readers a chance to digest what's just happened. I also adore his personality.

5. What was the hardest and easiest part of writing Dreamer?
The hardest part of Dreamer as well as the rest of the series has been waiting for it to ferment. I've been known to write from the seat of my pants, but because Dreamer was influenced by a series of dreams, I've been waiting for some more of my own nightmares. I've used countless dreams as inspiration. I could've just as easily made them up, but it feels more real if I take them from personal experience.
I already know the last scenes of the series because of dreams I've been having. I've used dreams in my writing before, but never like this. Because of the basis to the Dreamerbound series, my lucid dreams are as important as ever.
I think the easiest part for me has been the addition of Liam's chapters. Once I realized he needed his own point of view in the books, I went to town. I ended up writing all of his chapters for Dreamer in the span of three or four days. I got to see him evolve more than I had originally when just writing through Anna's eyes.

6. What is your favorite color?
Purple. Love it.

7. When did you know you wanted to be an author?
Funny enough, it isn't so much I wanted to be an author but rather the fact that I cannot see myself not writing. I love to write. I've written novels, shorts, poetry and a memoir. The written word is lovely, and I envy those who can make these elaborate worlds just by writing about them. I'm hoping readers feel the same way about the world I've created for the Dreamerbound series.

8. Are you a cat or dog person (or neither)? 
Right now, we have one cat (and three rats, a tortoise, a cockatiel and a rabbit). I'd love to have a dog, but because we live an apartment, it wouldn't be fair for him/her. But once we get a bigger space, we're definitely getting a dog.

9. In a game of Truth or Dare, what option do you normally pick?
Always truth. I suck at dares as I normally wuss out. Or I get the really nasty dares that no one else wants to do.

10. What is something about yourself you always like to tell people?
I think the first thing folks realize about me when we first meet is that I'm an animal person. I'll almost always talk about my pets and family before I talk about myself (outside of author interviews, of course).

Dreamer is releasing on the 28th! Be on the lookout!

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