Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pros and Cons of Blogging: New Year's Challenge

Welcome to the Book Blogger New Years Challenge hosted by Parajunkee!

Today I am going to share my blogger pros and cons. I narrowed them down to four in each catergory. However, I could have definitely kept going.

Book Blogging Pros

1) Sharing my love of books with people who love books just as much!
2) Connecting with other bloggers, authors, and publishers
3) Being able to write out my thoughts and be creative.
4) The pride you feel when you think "I run a pretty cool blog!"

Book Blogging Cons

1) Reading slumps
2) Lack of time. Blogging is so time consuming!
3) Occasional stress.
4) When my muse decides to take a vacation after being overworked
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  1. Haha Not a blogger myself, but all the CONS are the reason I don't blog. It requires a lot of dedication and passion! Thanks for all that you do!

  2. You do run a pretty cool blog. I love your avatar chick. :) My muse went on strike a few times last year. She wanted things like benefits and overtime pay. Pfff....

  3. Oh, those cons are killing me too :P Especially the two first ones. But I love blogging so much that it's worth it :)