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Tour: Shattered Veil

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Publication Date: February 28th, 2014
For Aris, a talented wingjet pilot, war means sacrificing everything: her home, her name, her face—and the one promise she swore she’d never break.

In the small village of Lux, everyone flies wingjets, but nobody flies them like Aris Haan. When she’s not dancing through the skies, she’s spending every minute with Calix, whom she’s loved since childhood. They plan to Promise, but instead he is sent to defend their dominion against a bloody invasion. Determined not to lose him, Aris follows, joining an underground network of women inside the male-only military. Using secret technology that allows her to pass as a man, she becomes “Aristos”, a Flyer in a search-and-rescue unit.

As Aris grows stronger on the battlefield and more comfortable in her guise as Aristos, her personal mission becomes less and less clear. When she and her enigmatic commander, Major Vidar, uncover an astonishing conspiracy that could destroy everything, she must make a choice that will determine not only the fate of her heart, but the future of her dominion.
Interview with Tracy E. Banghart 

1. Can you describe Shattered Veil in 3 words?
intense, complex, intriguing

2. What do you do when you are not writing? What are your hobbies?
I have a 15 month old son, so he takes up pretty much every moment that I'm not writing! Not exactly a hobby, but he's the coolest and we have a ton of fun together. :-)

3. How did you choose the genre you write in?
I have always gravitated most towards young adult books. They were the ones that sparked my imagination as a young person, and they're the ones that I still find the most entertaining to read now, as an adult. I feel YA is where my writing style fits best. Of course, within YA, I like to explore different sub-genres. I've written paranormal romance, scifi, and I have a fantasy coming out this summer. 

4. How did you come up with the titles of your books
For some reason I really enjoy two-word titles for my books. Usually I come up with my titles before I start writing (I knew Moon Child's title before I wrote a single word), but sometimes they change as I go along. I'd actually completely forgotten about this, but I was looking at my first draft of Shattered Veil the other day…its original title was "To Find You". Personally, I think Shattered Veil is a much better fit. Veils so often hide things - faces, the truth - and the book has a lot to do with exploring identity/truth and shattering barriers.

5. Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?
My advice is to keep writing. This business can be awfully discouraging, no matter what path you choose towards publication, and it's easy to let the world tell you you're not good enough. The only way to prove the naysayers wrong is to keep writing, keep working on your craft, keeping pushing forward. You never know which of your books will strike a chord with an agent, an editor, or thousands of readers!

6. Do you have any pets?
I do! I have two dogs - Scrabble and Koko - and a cat, Mia. They are all very cuddly and much-loved. Scrabble is our clean-up crew after our son eats his meals. ;-)

7. What are your two favorite colors and why?
Turquoise and hot pink. I'm not sure why they're my favorite, but I love pretty much anything with that color combo. They were even the colors at my wedding! (I had hot pink streaks in my hair and my bridesmaids wore gorgeous turquoise dresses. They looked awesome!)

4 prizes: 
--$50 Amazon gift card (INTL) 
--3x "swag packs" which will include: a notebook, magnet, button, 2 signed bookmarks, and Shattered Veil-themed temporary tattoos - picture below. (US/CAN)

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  1. Great interview, ladies! I miss having a little guy here with me - mine's almost 4 now. And I love Scrabble for a pet name I'm totally stealing that! haha >.<

  2. Thanks so much for being part of the tour! I loved your interview questions. :-)

  3. This books seems like a good read C: TBR pile here we come!

  4. Thanks for the great interview. I really enjoyed and would love to read the book.

  5. Scrabble is an awesome name for a dog! Also, I love the cover! Thanks for sharing! :)