Sunday, March 31, 2013

My absence over spring break

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Well, as you may notice I have not posted for a week. This has been due to the fact I have been in Mexico. (Which is two veeeeerrrry long plane rides, and apparently a six hour layover,  from where i live).

Sorry I was gone... I blame it on hotel Wifi! 

The hotel supposedly had wifi. So I had been planning to post regularly while I was there. Well, the wifi had a mind of its own. It was very spotty and not reliable. So, anyway, sorry about my formerly unexplained absence.

To the good news! I read a lot of books during my spring break trip! And I hope to review some!

Here is the list:

And these are only some of the ones I read... I cannot wait to review Clockwork Princess and Audrey, Wait! They were both so freaking good!

I am sorry about Incarceron. This was a DNF for me. I know a lot of people love it though. Maybe I will try again someday. On the DNF subject, I am thinking of doing a list of books I didn't finish and then list my reasons why. I can't really do a full review because I didn't finish all of the book. Does this sound like an okay idea?

Well, I am back and ready to start bloggin' again! See you around the blogosphere!

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