Thursday, August 8, 2013

Top Secret Mission: Organize the Bookshelf

Tread with CAUTION... You have been warned.  The information that is about to be revealed is part of a super spy database. Once, you have these files, there in no escape from your knowledge!

Top Secret: Operation 2.0

Welcome to Operation 2.0, as I am calling this!

Yesterday, on a complete whim, I decided to reorganize my bookshelves. To do that, I would first have to empty them.

Feast your eyes:

So, after that adventure of trying to get all the books off my shelves, I needed to come up with an organizational tactic. A-ha! Author's last name. Bingo.

Since I have a perfect memory, I began searching for all the "A" authors. It turns out my memory is not so perfect, and I turned to my Goodreads "Read" shelf, and clicked "sort by author's last name". Thank goodness for technlogy.

Then while re-listening to the False Prince, (please read this post), I began putting my precious books on the shelves.


And, here was my dog, Agent Rue Grr, throughout the entire operation: He played look-out. And look! He sure was an alert one. (Note my sarcasm please...)

More Picture of Books:
I know, I'm going overboard. I can't help it.

Operation 2.0 Complete- 

Come back next week for Mission 3.5. Farewell. Remember, No Bookshelf Is Safe. (Or insert another cheesy line like that.) 

-Spy Agent Emily 
Code Name: DuchessOnyx1


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, my shelves were in desperate need of reorganizing... it was fun though! Good luck with your shelves!

  2. Wow that's an awesome pile of books! I have one overflowing bookshelf and no room for another so with my compulsive book buying disorder, my family is always steering me away from the book stores. Still, I dream of the future library office *sigh* :)


    1. Ah, my family constantly grows tired of my chorus "I am out of books! We NEED to head to the bookstore..." Fortunately for them, I trade in my used books for store credit or use my own money to but all the pretties! ALso, I understand the Overflowing Bookshelf problem...

      Future Library Office? Awesome!!

      Thanks Mari!

  3. You have your entire bookshelf list on Goodreads O.O Wow. That's being techno-savvy. When I feel like reorganizing, I just make 26 piles and alphabetize that way.

    <<-- old school

  4. Well done. The thought of taking out all the books on my shelves is too daunting for me to consider!