Monday, September 2, 2013

All About Titles!

A Book Lover's Inquiries: Activity Time! Can you find matching titles?

These posts are where I get weird bookish questions or activities out of my brain and onto paper. I would love if you would comment with your takes on the question/activity. 

And, really, do whatever you want with it. Did you participate in an activity and want to post about it? Go ahead! That would be so awesome! Do you want to just  scoff and say "That's a lame activity"? Go ahead! I'm sure some stuff here will be lame. You have been warned.

----The Intro----

I was just looking through my shelves the other day and found a couple books with same or similar titles. It sparked an interest in me, and I wanted to see how many I could discover. So, here we go:

(Also, the rules are simple. I have to own each book or e-copy, and they have to be the same or be so similar that you barely notice the difference.)

----The Titles----

For each of the books, the title is referring to the heroines name. 
I am rather fond of both the titles and stories.

For this one I think I like how the title Pure perfectly fits Julianna Baggot's novel. 
However, I still love Pure from the Covenant Series!

Unraveling/ Unravel Me
I love both titles. However, the title of Unravel Me speaks so loud.
I find it much more... powerful.

I actually am not fond of these titles, as they do not fit the books very well.
I am not moved by them.

Saving Francesca/Losing Francesca
Both of the books fit their stunning titles.
They each have their own deeper meaning.

I also noticed some cases where I had a title that another book had, however, I unfortunately didn't own the title's partner. Such as The Elite, Destined, Torn, and Illusions.

----The Discussion----

Does having two books with the same title bother you? Do you find it interesting that each author chose the same title, yet the word fits each story in different way? Do you find that you feel some shared titles lack originality? 

For me, the problem with having "sister titles" is that normally, I find that one book is better than the other. It is just the way of life. So, when I hear the shared title, I automatically think of the better novel, and the other one is left in the dust.

Also, I tend to lean toward the book with the better cover art... sorry! *winces*

As I was completing this challenge I noticed a lot of books that had "shared titles" had only one-word titles, such as "Scarlet", "Eclipse", or "Pure". So, authors, if you want an name for your novel, go for at least two or three words. And search the title on Goodreads while your at it. 

Titles are very important, they are essentially the books name and ID. Also, titles are a reader's first impression of a book. I always go for the powerful ones, and will choose to not pick up a book based on it's name. Especially of the title feels weak, or dull.  How important is a book's ID to you?

----The Challenge----

Now, go find some sister titles!


  1. Very interesting post! I loved reading your feelings about books with the same titles. I don't know. I've never actually thought about it, as such.

    1. Thanks!!! :) I am so glad you liked what you read! I had fun with this post.

      Yeah... I think about weird bookish stuff. Thanks for stopping by!