Sunday, September 1, 2013

Books I want to talk about:


Once in a while you feel like shouting out your favorite reads to the world. Oh. Darn. Are you saying it's just me?

Anyway, the shouting is on.

The best MG/YA book EVER (tied with Harry Potter, of course.) is the...

Wait for it...

The False Prince!
My pathetic review

I had NO IDEA this would be such a stunning novel. However, it made me cry. laugh, yell, and other elaborate shows of emotion. I am, however, a little nervous to read the second book. Will it be up to par? Are you ever afraid of sequels?

And, the second series I am sharing with you all is the Bloodlines series. Each book just gets better and better... And also you can't not mention the fabulous series before Bloodlines, Vampire Academy! Right now I am rereading Blood Promise... it is so good!

Review of The Golden Lily
Review of The Indigo Spell

The Vampire Academy is one of my most favorit-ist (yes, I am aware that the word is not in the dictionary. However, that does not mean it is an illegitimate word. The dictionary is just a bunch of papers, which also means it has no brain. I bet it could have made a mistake.) series ever! Everyone should read them, that way I can bug you about Rose, Dimitri, Sydney, Lissa, Jill, Christian and Eddie! 

I will forewarn you, I will really bug you about Adrian in the Bloodlines series. He is so awesome! However, in the Vampire Academy series I kept thinking "Rose is not for you!" and I was right. (Ha!) So, (yeah, I do have a point) in the VA series I was not his biggest fan. Mostly, I felt like ripping his drinks and cigarettes away from him. However, in the Bloodlines series, the readers get a chance to fix him, or at least see him get fixed, and now he is totally amazing! 

The characters in both series make me laugh consistently. Especially characters such as Adrian and Trey and Rose and.... you get the picture. 

Also, I love how we have a very smart heroine, Sydney. In the books, we are consistently SHOWN not TOLD how intelligent she is, unlike in many other books.  

My rant is officially over.

All the books mentioned are excellent devices to get you out of reading slumps, although you might experience a few hours of book hangover. Now, read as if your lives depend on it. Or come chat with me if you also love these gems!

So, have you read The False Prince or Bloodlines? What did you think of them?


  1. I loved the False Prince too! And it is true that I enjoyed the sequel not so much, but this might have been me, and not the book, because I know lots of people enjoyed it just fine. But one of the things I loved most about F.P. was that it is set primarily in just the one place, so there's a tightness to it that lets the reader focus on character, and not get distracted by adventure. The Runaway King has lots more adventure, and there are pirates, and I'm not that fond of pirates...

    Have you ever read The Thief, by Megan Whalen Turner? It is often compared to F.P., and is an excellent book that starts an excellent series.

    1. Hmm, too bad about the Runaway King :( I do enjoy adventure and pirates though, as long as the pirates aren't so overdone to the sense that they become unrealistic!

      Ooh, I'll need to look that book up.. (Opening up Goodreads...)

      Wow, The Thief looks good! Also, I love the cover. Thanks for stopping by Charlotte!

  2. Omg. Yes! The ending to the False Prince tho! I haven't read Bloodlines or the Vampire Academy yet. I'll see about them. :)

    Cindy @ In This World of Books..

    1. Yeah, THE FALSE PRINCE was amazing! :) If Bloodlines seems up your alley, you should look into it! Thanks for dropping by Cindy!