Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fairytales: Snow White

We all know a little bit about fairytales, whether from the disney films or the grimm brother's original tales. However, these fairytales never grow old, especially as you find more and more editions with amazing illustrations and interpretations. There are also so many fairy tale retellings in the YA world which keeps these timeless tales alive. What is your take on the tales?

Snow White
This copy of Snow White was illustrated by Camille Rose Garcia and boy is it gorgeous!

Beautiful Illustrations

 Beautiful Fonts

 Beautiful Illustrations and Fonts

5/5 Stars! Hehe. Nope, I'm just kidding. This isn't a review...  Although you might want to check this copy of Snow White out!

That's all! I just wanted to show you all this wonderful fairytale!

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