Monday, September 28, 2015

Top Ten Books To Read If You Love Throne of Glass

What Throne of Glass Fans Should Read NEXT

1. Ettiquette and Espionage
Instead of just one Celeana... imagine a whole school flying airship of kickbutt girls! Plus, there are all sorts of magical creatures!

2. The False Prince
Sage is just as sassy and smart as Celeana. I would love to see them meet! Plus, there are many parallels between the novels (some I can't say) but both feature competitions for a royal job, etc.

3. Cruel Beauty 
A MUST read! The world is so interesting and ToG fans will lap the story up!

4. The Winner's Curse
For those who love the subtle complex, tough main characters who can fight with weapons and words.

5. The Wrath and the Dawn
Once again, a clever heroine with a wonderful romance!

6. Alanna
Sorry Celeana, but Alanna will always be my original kickbutt role model. Always.

7. Cinder
Both tales are loose (VERY loose for ToG) retellings of Cinderella with a delightful cast with funny and amazing characters!

8. Dragon Slippers
In the mood for a middle grade novel with dragons? (Who isn't?) Romance, magic, princes, adventure, and castles make this novel a perfect pairing for ToG!

9. Princess of the Midnight Ball
So I included two Jessica Day George books... sue me. They are amazing though! I can't help it.

10. A Court of Thorns and Roses
Of Course I include Maas's other work here! I might love ACOTAR even more than Throne of Glass. Read my review here

Link me up to your Top Ten Tuesdays! What a creative topic this week... I had fun. (Also read all the books above!)
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